In Store Services:

  • We are able to repair almost any type of Jewellery or Watch you bring in to us.

    Using fully certified and insured repairers, we can service high end watches such as Rolex, Omega, and Breitling as well as other watches for example Citizen and Armani.

    Our battery prices start at £5.00 and we can guarantee you will pay less for a watch repair with us than by sending it to any high street jeweller or indeed back to the manufacturer.

    We are also able to replace glass faces for a fraction of the price quoted by the manufacturer.

    All our watch repairs come with a years warranty from the day you collect you item.

    We also offer a huge range of jewellery repairs with the same warranty.

    This can be a simple re-rhodium plate to add the shine back to White Gold, or even replacing a precious stone/diamond.

    Again, we can guarantee our jewellery repairs will cost a fraction of what you will be quoted by our competitors.

    Turn around time for most repairs is approximately a week but can differ depending on the work being under taken. If you want to use our repair services, please pop into our store with the item or if you are far away and want to use us please call the team on 01642 553834 and we will discuss how we can get the job done.


Watch Repairs & Services at Townsquarejewellers